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Onebut.jpg What does the Host do?

Global Market

It's a Tiki Bar in Nashville?

They welcome the viewers to the show and introduce the audience to people and places during the show. - They are the show guide.
The Host gets the audience excited about what they are about to see and hear during the show. - The show introduction
They set the mood for the show by being entertaining, cheerful and fun loving - Relaxing the audience and the guests.
They control the storytelling of the show and lead the audience on a journey of entertainment and interest. - Make the audience glad they watched the show.

Twobut.jpg (2017 bytes) Are You the right person?

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We take what make her popular and make it work for us.

After 30 years of marketing experience, we found the 'Jennifer Aniston' is the most inviting look to make "Friends."
Since we can't hire her, we need to train you to be everything that makes her so popular.
We help you show off your People skills by adding her personality to every show. - WWJD
You already know how "Rachel" thinks on Friends, so you just think "What Would Jennifer Do?"

We coach you to have fun playing the part of our Travel Channel Host. No experience necessary!

You will learn to be more confident in
everything you say and do.

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